[-] Surgeon Control

3D virtual implantation software delivered directly to the surgeon’s computer

Other PSI systems require DICOM files to be uploaded to a remote server for processing by a corporate engineer before the surgeon can begin planning.

Blueprint planning software resides directly on the surgeons computer and automatically processes DICOM files, providing the following benefits:

  1. Surgeon has complete control over the virtual planning and PSI guide ordering process
  2. Surgeons can begin planning within minutes with Blueprint vs. day(s) using a competitive system
  3. DICOM files remain on the surgeons computer for processing and eliminates uploading DICOM files to a remote server

[-] Everyday Planning


Not just a PSI system...
It’s an everyday planning tool.

The Blueprint planning software resides directly on the surgeons computer, allowing the surgeon to conveniently plan every case, not just when a PSI guide is needed.

After planning, the Blueprint software allows the surgeon to decide whether or not a PSI guide is ordered for surgery. This allows the surgeon to use the Blueprint software as an everyday planning tool, without the requirement to purchase a guide every time the software is used.

[-] Guided Accuracy

Using a Blueprint Patient-Specific guide enables the surgeon to more accurately position the glenoid implant and accurately replicate the pre-operative surgical plan compared to standard techniques



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  2. Joseph Iannotti, MD, PhD, Justin Baker, PhD, Eric Rodriguez, BS, John Brems, MD, Eric Ricchetti, MD, Mena Mesiha, MD, and Jason Bryon, MS. Three-dimensional preoperative planning and a novel information transfer technology improve glenoid component positioning.

[-] Visualized Bone Preservation

Virtually appreciate the reduced glenoid reaming by simply changing the glenoid curvature using the entire range of PerFORM bone preserving glenoids within Blueprint


Blueprint™ 3D Planning Software is only cleared for use with the Aequalis™ PerFORM Glenoid System.